Computer slower than should be


Daemon Poster
I have a AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (2.2Ghz) cpu and the computer seems to be registering it as having a 984Mhz processor in the my computer properties page. I have noticed the computer being slower and music skipping alot from not being able to read fast enough.

Checking for viruses now but I would like to know what else this might be and what I could do to check it over cause since I produce alot of music off this computer being slow is a pain in the arse, thanks.


Golden Master
AMD cool n' quiet might be on, you have to turn it off in the bios. All it does is drop the multiplier and Vcore so it uses less energy when idling. You could also have virus/spyware issues, so you could do a scan with programs like Avast! anti-virus and Ad-Aware, both free.