Cable vs. DSL

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Cable is a little fasted then DSL, but DSL is more secure. I use a DSL Connection.
Cable is just as secure if you make sure file and printer sharing is disabled and you have a firewall
Well I guess you are right, but I know that your system can be easily hacked on a cable connection, especially without a firewall. I know a guy that got his idenity stolen. He was on cable, thats not the only reason that I think it is less secure. I know it is less secure from experience. And cause I watch TechTV like 24/7.
I couldn't be happier with my cable connection, I also get 3 dynamic IPs for no extra charge:D
Cable companies these days are aware of the security risks involved with cable (both TV and data)... which includes wiretapping, eavesdropping, etc...

Plus, with proper traffic routing techniques, more subscribers can sign on with little performance degradation.

DSL happens to be distance-limited, as if you live within the cutoff point (~18,000-22,000 ft. from the CO), the best you can settle for is 144K IDSL, and performance usually gets better the closer you are to the CO.

To make it more bearable though, SDSL happens to be good for hosting servers (HTTP/FTP/games, etc.), due to lower latency than asymmetric lines, but even so, the cost for a 1.5Mbps connection (both ways) is still quite high.
I like my DSL... it doesn't go down all the time like the cable connections do in my area. I also have an older phone line directly connected to the main building here in town. I had Dl peaking between 7 - 10 MB/s for about an hour last night.... loaded up all my DL progs to see what it could handle, I was duely impressed:p
I have cable even though my provider sucks major ass, but they are getting bought out in June by Comcast. Still haven't decided if it is better or worse, but it can't be MUCH worse.

DSL isn't available in my area.
I'd love to have DSL, but it's not available here either. We don't even have's available, just expensive. We have dial up. It's not too bad, it's cheap and it works. We don't get disconnected too often, and for what we need it's ok.
I use a cable modem. While the providor (private) I use is fairly unreliable, the DSL service in my area is unbelievably terrible. Not only is it a terrible company, but the DSL system is incredibly stupidly designed, making it as insecure, or even more so then cable. People with phone cabling connected in any way (such as the same appartment building...or neighbouring houses connected to the same telephone posts...most houses in a neighbourhood are somehow connected before reaching the phone station) to yours can actually use the DSL connection to listen in to your phone calls (don't ask for details...there have been very messed up situations though).

Aside from that all, the cable ranges from 800kbps to 1.2 mbps. The DSL here is usually 400-600. (You can pay for T1 speeds, but costs are irrationally high).

Also, we have to add in satelite to the list of broadband comparisons in this thread. :)
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