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Is there any way to install programs without depending on c?

I tryed before but i got a virus on my computer and had to reformat now none of my programs work because they were all rooted in c even though then install path was not c


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i know that. i tryed installing programs to diff partitions of my hdd by changing the install path but when i got a virus and had to reformat and reinstall windows on c none of my other programs work. i dont want this to happen in the future so i want to be able to install programs completly independently of c


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the only way I can think of doing this would be to have another physical hard drive not partition, install your apps with pathname of the other hard drive, then once you have everything installed, make a Ghost image of your entire pc. Or just make a Ghost image of your setup now and when you crash restore from the Ghost image.


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Ronco Rox said:
well where else would there be? you can't install stuff on the ram or the mobo

You can store files on the RAM in linux, only until you switch your PC off though..