Bill Gates

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Just heard CNN mentioning Bill "the man" Gates worth 40.7 BILLION friggin dollars.Thats $40,700,000,000 ... Post your opinions..that SOB :)
Damnnnnn, i'm bored so....

That's 407,000,000 pennies.

and each penny weighes about 2.8240 Grams so that's 1,149,368,000 Grams. So that's about 2,533,896.693 Pounds of pennies. :eek: or 1149368 Kilos! :eek:

Yes, again as i said I'M BORED!!!
the worlds greatest con artist - we gave our money to him.

but would we have this without him? :confused:

Don Fudleone
shan said:
That's 407,000,000 pennies.

Hey Shan, it's actually: 4,070,000,000,000 pennies.

You were only off by a few TRILLION! ;)

Just messing with ya man! Good to see you posting again.
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