Battery is not charging in 4 reasons

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It doesn't charge the laptop (Acer TravelMate 5330) when plugged in, I look like this :hide: and I see that's not charging the battery now, BIOS is now detecting the battery that is under warranty and still not under warranty, and the charger won't charge the battery :banghead:, Because of charging doesn't respond it, I see that Windows 7 doesn't charge in four reasons.
Four reasons are:
- Plugged in and not charging
- No battery is detected
- 0% Plugged in (charging), and then not charging
- 75% Plugged in (charging)

Plugged in and not charging:

When I start the laptop, It seems to be not charging when plugged in and -% Plugged in and not charging, It doesn't charge it stays to sudden charge very late time to 100% and it's not charging all the way.

No battery is detected:

When I checked for battery to make sure that is detected to turn on the laptop on the back side, But it seems to Windows 7 to be the not charging Operating System, It goes to No battery is detected and the battery is still detected on the back side.

0% Plugged in (Charging) then to Not charging:

When I make sure that the laptop is re-configurable for battery settings, It seems to be OK and it will not charge to 100%, Instead of charging, stays at 0% (charging) then after 5 or 6 hours it seemed to Not Charging and the battery is now not rechargeable.

75% Plugged in (Charging):

When I open the laptop, turn on, and see if Windows 7 is charging at 100%, it continues at 75% plugged in (charging) and the cable is not charging battery, Instead of Rechargeable Battery, Nonchargeable battery is converted, And now the same reason happens.

What do I do:

I do the fix of battery, I see the unlock and the removeable battery, I turned on the laptop with no battery in 30 secs to acquire charging the battery, Instead of it, it resets CMOS Settings, and I plugged the battery back in, Locked the laptop, open the lid, turn on, waiting, and it doesn't seem to be charging and fourth reason are still persists.

I view and read the battery and it says Under Warranty.

Some questions:

Did I do something wrong with BIOS, Cable, Battery, AC Adaptor?
Did I need to update the battery AC Adaptor from Device Management?
Did I do something wrong with batteries?

Some articles before the battery won't charge:

It will turn off after charging to 100% (not the sudden) when it discharges to 0%, 0% battery means Sudden Shutdown.

Mostly I did play a game and downloaded a game called the playing Chess, Spider Solitaire, etc. and downloaded the game called GTA: Vice City, I don't have the Play CD so I uninstalled GTA: Vice City that I need it, and it seriously it will not charge battery.

Any answers are welcome.

~mr mixx~

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If it is the battery that is going out, The new batterys on NEWEGG are only between $20 to $25 dollars.


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Check any computer store for used batteries and test them on your computer. You can at least determine what the problem is. Borrow any from anyone somehow.

I guess if the laptop works fine with direct power connection, the battery is the culprit.

You know, check the steel chips connecting the battery with the laptop maybe they got bent and caused a loos connection. I had this problem with the wireless Xbox360 game pad.


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Like Mr_Mixx said you can get a replacement battery very cheap, Amazon have some that really cheap Acer TravelMate 5330 battery. I don't know if this is the case for Acer laptops but I have an ASUS laptop and there is a feature where the battery will not charge if its higher than 95% and I thought it was dead so I brought a new charger and battery just in case.
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