Backing up Hard Drive help


Daemon Poster
I know there is a good program called Akronas and you use it to make an Image of your Hard Drive.

So when and if you Hard Drive goes down you can put the Image back on it.

But it only woks they say like 2. Time then you have to buy it and it wont realy do a full Iamage unless you buy it.

Dose anyone know of a FREE program that I can use to make an Image of my Hard Drive and then if my computer goes down I can put the Image back on it????????

And how does this kind of thing work anyway?
What I meen is if you put back an Image of your Hard Drive do you have to install every program again anyway?


Daemon Poster
If you are using Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise edition, you can use Backup and Restore to backup you entire computer. It's not really free because you have to buy the operating system to use it, but if you already have Vista Business, etc, you have already paid for it.