Avi loses sound and then speeds up!

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Hi everyone,
I have a bit of a problem. I downloaded a movie file and it played fine when i played it in wmp9. But, i closed the program down and then, when i reopened wmp9 and i loaded the movie i skipped it to about 30 mins where i left off and the picture then speeded up and the sound went. I managed to find out that the problem starts at around 17 mins in the movie. I have xvid, divx and all the obvious codecs installed.
I have seen many times with WMP9 if you skip ahead it will lose sync and look like a japanese move. I would let it play through and see if it happens when you dont skip. If its always in the same place in the movie and your not skipping, id imagine its a bad rip.
yes, even when i don't skip it it still goes out of sync. whem i first downloaded it it was in sync but now it is not. could i of corrupted it
NO, if it happens at the same point in the movie, then it is just a bad rip. Try getting another copy
Thanks, i know next time as well. This site is pretty helpful and responses are fast, thanks ;-)
Ive just tried the divx alpha player with my file and the sound and video stays in sync with each other when in wmp9 it does not. But, when i skip a bit of it the player crashes. Does that mean that the fiel is not corrupt or a bad rip but wmp9 has a fault??
Well, if the Divx Player is crashing it may still be a corrupt file. When a files gets corrupted, it can cause different problems for different players. WMP is very good at staying stable and keeping from crashing, sometimes by sacrificing quality. It may also be a problem with the codecs. I would try installing the NIMO codec pack only instead of specific codecs. Search on google for it.
Umm, micro..... he said when he skips the file in divx,,,,,, it crashes. ;-) and in WMP it just loses sync.

When you install a codec it works for all media players installed on the computer. I use WMP9 for all of my movie files, I just installed the NIMOP codecs and now I never have a problem playing a movie file.
i have installed the nimo codecs but when i open a movie in wmp9 the screen is upside down?!!?how can i correct this?
OK, i uninmstalled the nimo codec and the movies in wmp9 are now the right way round so that me=ust mean its he codec. any ideas?
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