Are SSD worth the try now ?


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I remember searching for them a while back but there were few things that kept me from buying besides price; not plug and play as a regular HD, fast boot time but when doing more than one thing at the time it would be slower than an 7K rpm drive, low capacity.

I just quick search Newegg and prices seem way cheap as they used to be also they got bigger.

Is it a good time to try this SSD now?

My system : Asus P5E3 Deluxe
His 5770 video card
Four Gigs of corsair DDR3
150 MB of 10k RPM velociraptor HD
850watts of PSU

nathan harris

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Their worth it my Brother has one it makes thing work faster thier also not prone to being damaged by shakes it's safer in the way that thiers no moving parts in the hhd so if you can afford one get one