AOE III: My point


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OK, via a few days, I played AOE III.

First off, with the resolution of 1024x768, I get like ~5FPS...if not down to 0FPS

Once to 800x600, I can define better the quality.

Second, I find the game good. The graphics are much improved, the way that the fight gets on...BUT, when using the Senario Editor, I ge confused. I am an AOE and AOE II user and the senarios were the same almost. This game, on the other hand, is completely different. I have to go to the menu to test it too. Preety hard may I say.

Next, The online games: They look decent

at last, This game is preety stuffed. I sometimes barely can see the stuff going on as the taskbar is like HUGE! my AOE game is much smaller than this!

This game, is also stripped from AOM, such as the taskbar.

Overall score: 8.33/10.01


Fully Optimized
If you're getting 5 FPS on 1024x768, I'd say your GPU and/or its drivers were the root of the problem. The game itself runs fine, and it doesn't need a top-end 1337 rig to do it either. I've managed to get about 35FPS on Medium out of an FX5200 of all things.


In Runtime
Even on an X300, it lags... I suggest just turning off the glow effect; that should give you at least a playable rate. Turn down the visuals to low quality, and it should run flawlessly*.

*- The game is still a dissapointment, even with a playable fps rate.


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It looks similar to AOM, but the physics are improved. I've beaten the whole game countless times and on difficulty setting. The trade posts makes it so easy. Just defend it well and have troops placed near town entrance and there's no way you can be beat. The enemy will eventually exhaust their resources because you have all the trading posts occupied and their trees and gold are out too.

As far as the technical aspect of the game, I have experienced no slowdown whatsoever. Plays great. The 19" screen is just superb when playing this game. Very nice view of the town and the controls are super easy. I love the Town Center feature because that also helps you get resources too.

OVerall, this game is by far, the easiest to play making it not very challenging. AOEII on the other hand, is a great game without the better graphics of AOEIII. It's a lot harder which creates many challenges that keeps me on my toes. Still, you got to love how AOEIII looks and feel.