another Win Xp registration question

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I have Windows XP home software from another computer i bought and i'd very much like to put it on my sons computer that has someones terrible custom version of win 98.. My question is"
will i be able to register it and use it??? I bought it, I paid for it and i don't mind registering it....But can I?? I had no idea all these issues went along with a purchase"
thanks guys
the answer is yes,,

the license to install and register is to the software, not to the machine that the software came with,,

however,, if you are referring to a restore cd,, whole new ball game... will not work, as a restore cd works in unison WITH the machine it was sold with,,

hope this helps

re install cds

it's a re-install cd set..
i put it on his puter for a little while just tinkering around and it seemed to work....had a popup saying i had to register within 30 days...
we were having fun trying to get the modem installed but i think we could have got it working if i had left it on there...
It has a red driver cd that formats the HD and sets up to install XP...2 application cds that didn't want to run in the setup program but seemed to work as a seperate installation..

should we take the modem out of the computer before we install Windows XP? then put the modem back to install it?
We had a heck of a time trying to get XP to even find the modem..
kept getting "no modem found" or no pnp modem found"
you will have a heck of a time getting it all to work using the gateway restore cd's. Try just using the red one, i am about to fall asleep in my chair I will alaborate more if needed...but most anyone here can help as well.....good nite....
I used my gateway cds to install windows xp on my sons compaq presario...we stopped the installation as soon as we got the window saying "Windows XP Has Been Successfully Installed"
another message popped up to remove the Windows Xp disk and put the red drivers disk in again, but we canceled it there and like a charm....we then plugged the modem back in and it detected it right off and asked for the installation disk for it,,it installed without a problem...modem is a WINCOMM V.90-SL
Then we called Microsoft to activate it...They were very nice and we had no problem getting a new code for it as soon as they were sure we had purchased it.. i'm as happy as a pig in a mud hole!!!!!
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