AMD 6 core or 4 core?

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Should I get a phenom II 1090T or should I get a phenom II 955? Im going to be gaming with games like Crysis,flight simulator x, and possibly some future games. I saw a review and the phenom II 1090T didnt get better fps compared to the phenom II 955. Would I get better fps in newer games if I got the 1090T because they would start using the 6 cores?
I think it might be better buy if just got the 955 for gaming because its a lot cheaper and you either you have the same fps as the phenom x6 and in some reviews, even more. If I'm wrong please comment. DZimmy, I will message you if I find anything :)
amds new hexa cores are cheap, but kind of under whelming in performance. But the price is what makes them shine. They are slower at gaming, and pretty much everything else, against the intel chips, but they are a fair bit cheaper then most. If you have the capability of running one go for it. I would get one of them over the 955.
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