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I learned a very valuable lesson today. You should always pay attention and follow the drections while doing a chemistry experiment. First i burned myself and then i had a test tube explode in my face because i didn't follow directions. Let this be a lesson to all of you that are taking chemistry.
Ouch! Be more careful next time ;)

Hmm.. having some flashbacks to Chemistry.. a friend of mine had 6M NaOH all over his hands along with some phenolphthalein (so they were bright pink) and he was trying to wash them off, so being the kind thoughtful people we were, we poured some 6M HCl all over them.. needless to say he wasn't exactly thrilled :D
O dude that would hurt. Even diluted HCl burns. Most of the time we are working with the full strength stuff and we have to dilute it ourselves. That stuff really burns (I have had a bad experience with that to but that is another story.)
Yeah that sucks.. One kid at high school back in the day stole some pure Na reagent from our Chem lab and when he found out people knew he did it, he attempted to pour it down the toilet and flush it.. well.. Na being highly reactive with water created a chemical reaction and the amount was so much that the toilet exploded and the porcelain ripped his face off literally... he was lucky he survived but he had to have MASSIVE reconstructive surgery.
where I work, if you made mistakes like that, being burned would be the least of your worries, usually the acids are far worse - some lethal by fumes only...

fun stuff.. In fact, sometimes I don't even wear gloves when dealing with the "regular" concentrated acids like HNO3, H2O2, and HCL. HF I usually use gloves with...HI - definitely
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