Acer AL2216W and PS3 Overscan


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A few months ago I purchased an 80GB PS3, and up until this day I've had an overscanning issue where my monitor (Acer AL2216W) cuts off about 2-3 inches of the image on the right side. Note that I am using a PC monitor (Acer AL2216W) via an HDMI to DVI cable.

I heard that overscanning is a fairly common issue with the PS3, and I was hoping that there was some way to fix it. Some games have options to size and move the image, but I was hoping for a way to actually alter it in the PS3 options menu so that it applies for every game. Unfortunately I've yet to find said option, and am thinking that it's a problem with the monitor.

My monitor is 22", and therefore doesn't *quite* support 1080P. I have dried running it in both 1080P and 720 (P or I, not sure which it is on the PS3 menu), but they both result in overscan, though the 720 a little less so (not by much). Because 1080P still displays and is much sharper than 720, I keep it on that. If the overscanning issue was fixed on 720, then I would set it to that. Unfortunately, it isn't fixed.

The problem is that setting vertical and horizontal position in the monitor menu doesn't actually move the PS3 image, it's as if the image itself is fixed.

I was hoping that someone could give me the code to get into the factory (also called service) menu to the monitor so that I could fix this.