8x AGP Card w/ Old Mobo

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I got a question...

What would happen with an about 1 year old Mobo that only supports 4x AGP with a brand new GeForce4 Ti 4200 128Mb 8x AGP Card?
The same thing that happens when an immoveable object meets a unstopable force...

but seriously, most probably will be limited by the BIOS which passes its info up throught the layers, HAL, etc and will run at that multiplier as per the BIOS setting.


hrmmm...I'm a bit little sleepy, I just re-read your post and I think I missed the point of your question a little. I think it should run fine, just at 4x; however, I'm not sure if an 8x agp has new hardware, driver, or other non-compatible stuff that will be different from the 4x agp card

must sleep ... now... gnite

Just the same as those AGP 2x motherboards when the 4x models were brand new... AGP 4x cards would operate in 2x mode, lest the card only supported 1.5V.
it should work fine , i got a GF-4 8x , working fine with a 4x mobo...but it will be limited for 4x for sure
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