3D Prophet Kyros and SiS630/730 conflict

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Installed a 3D Prophet 4000XT 64 MB (Hercules) vid card on a friend's computer today..(am on it at the moment) Os is XP home. The motherboard has on-board audio and video. I have tried repeatedly to uninstall the SiS630/730 vid display drivers (as instructed) and no dice....:mad: It keeps re-adding it. It did install the prophet drivers as well but the system is bitching on every restart that there are drivers it has disabled blah blah.. And it is giving a blue screen of death every time they try to play counter-strike.... Any thoughts? Should I attempt to get into the bios and disable the on-board video? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :freak: :grind:
Definately go into the BIOS and see if there's an option to disable the onboard. If the onboard is still enabled, that would explain why it would keep installing the drivers and blue-screen when trying to play games.
Back at home now... it's been a long day...
I went into bios but the only vid device it's acknowledging there is the prophet card.. (which is a pci version) I am just kickiing myself for not writing down the name of the MB when I had it open:angry: Apparently this conflict has something to do with the SiS630/730 bridging etc.. which is definately beyond my area of expertise. So my friend said he'll be taking it to the only computer place in town here tommorrow that I trust.. which is not the one who built his. But thanks for getting back to me so quick Paradox, I really appreciate it:)

I know if anyone I know is considering getting a comp through that other retailer I'll insist on going with them and looking under the hood...(in the case:p ) The MB is running a 1.2 G CPU with 256 DDR but it's the smallest MB I have ever seen... and it only has 2 pci slots!
** walks away muttering **
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