3d Blaster Voodoo 2 windows 2000 installation

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I want to install an old 3D card I had around the house into a PC which is running Windows 2000. Craetive do not support the card for Windows 2000 (Only up to windows NT4). Does anyone know a way (if possible?????????) to install this card onto Windows 2000 platform?
Voodoofiles (link above) should be able to help... the same goes for those who still own a Voodoo3/Voodoo4/5/etc. and are desparately looking for Win2K/XP drivers.

And if you run into any problems running OpenGL games (specifically those which support predominantly an ICD, such as Quake III Arena), I would usually recommend using the WickedGL MCD driver.
Thanks for your help Microbell. 3dfx voodoo 2 windows 2000 driver worked a treat.
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