2 Routers.

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I have 2 routers hooked up. 1 is plugged in directly to the internet (It's a SMC7004VBR) Hooked up to that is:

2 computers, a phone and another router. The other router is a Netgear WGR614v5. I have a plug going from the SMC to the Netgear WAN.

Then I have a cable going from the first slot of the Netgear router to yet another computer. That one I had to hook the Netgear router up to because I couldn't ping servers, or connect to some, host them, etc.

And as I don't have access to the SMC control panel I can't port forward from there. So I set the Netgear as my default gateway on only the one computer and forwarded the ports, so now I can ping servers and join them, but I still can't host them. Any ideas what might cause that?
If you dont have access to the SMC's panel then either:

1) reset it and get the password from their website or the person that set it up


2) Switch the Netgear out and put it in the SMC's place and vise-versa

The way you have it setup now, in order to host a game off of the Netgear, you will need to port forward from the SMC to the Netgear and then from the Netgear to your PC hosting the game.
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