You will be mad when you read this thread.


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Just a little warning.

A few days ago I snapped up a couple of "faulty" HD 4870 X2s on eBay for just 60 euros. They were on a buy it now and the seller obviously didn't know how much they were worth, not that I was complaining at the time :p

So today they arrived, two reference Sapphire models and a copy of 3DMark Vantage. They are monstrous card, that's for sure.

I was frustrated at first as I was told by AMD that they would require an 8 pin PCI-E connector and would not run with two 6 pins. And secondly because they would not fit in my case, even though it is a full tower. So I had to run an open test bed hardcore overclocker style :D Which made the HD 4870 X2 look even better, the black PCB is gorgeous.

Anyways, I tested one card and was happy and disappointed when it prompted me to connect the right power connectors (I am hopeful that it will work when I have an 8 pin connected).
Second card went it, posted and booted into Windows before it blue screened. I put my system back to default setting and booted into safe mode which went fine. Rebooted again and booted into Windows successfully :)

I have been kindly told by Windows that my card will be downclocked to reduce power consumption and that I should buy a shiny new PSU. I must obey!

And overclocking has been disabled until I connect the 8 pin (FU!)



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HOLY CRAP seriously 60 Euros... WOW dude that is the deal of the year so far as I have seen...:D:D

Wanna pass on the savings if you can get the second one working as well...;)


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Holy God that is an amazing deal even if only one of them works. Great find. :D