Y580 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 2099 cannot update bios windows 10


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Hello everyone,
i want to upgrade my bios. my Bios Version: 5dcn89ww(v8.00) Date: 08/23/2012. when i connected to lenovo site, and performed hardware detection. i found there is newer version 5dcn40ww(v40), only for windows 7, when i select os windows 10, the bios upgrade disappear. can i upgrade the bios enyway ?

Y580 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 2099


I would guess that Windows 7 is no longer supported as to why you can not up grade your bios to W10. Your dealing with a 12yr old laptop
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See, there is one little and very simple rule - you can upgrade if there is an upgrade for your system.
But if there is no update, then there is no way to update anything. And since your system is ancient, as you said, the update was up to Windows 7, and now that Windows 7 is an absolute antique, no updates are issued to it. Never. The only way is to buy new computer or use this one as long as it is possible and with this software as it has just now.
windows is blocking the graphic card in my laptop code 43 Therefore, I think that updating the BIOS version will solve the problem
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