Xbox 360/HUB question


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Heya guys.

I think I already know the answer to this question.

I have a HUB and we're going to have a 360 lan party this upcomming Friday. All I have to do is connect the 4 360's to the HUB with ethernet cords and I'm good to go right? I just need to power the hub on an connect the 360's to it.

Am I right? Since we're just using the HUB for a LAN connection with the other 360's.


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I don't know if you need to configure anything on the "software" side in the 360s but in terms of "hardware", yes that is all you need to do. Though if you need internet you'll have to make sure the hub is connected to your router/modem.

Just a side note, hubs are old and outdated so if you have a switch I'd recommend that.