Wireless network problem & Introduction


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Hello to everyone on computerforums.org. Just a little introduction of myself here 'cuz I'm new here. I'm Aleksandar (17) and I come from Serbia. I was looking for a place where I can perfect my knowledge, learn new things and solve problems about my computer so many people send me here.

Not for the first time, I have a problem about Network :mad: ...
I'we bought a wireless Lan pci adapter (Gembird), pluged it in the free pci slot,instaled the driver but I don't know what to do next. I can not access to the internet. On the left bottom of my screen shows that the local area connection has limited or no conectivity and when I open Wireless Network Connection and try to access to a network (with a full signal) it shows me a notification that the Windows can not connect to the network 'cuz the network may not be in range. I refreshed the list and tryed again but still the same problem.

Can someone please tell me whats going wrong and try to explain how to fix that step by step it's а emergency (I'm a Win XP user).

Thanks !!!