Windows XP Pro won't reinstall!!

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HELP!! I have a HP computer and use Windows XP Pro. This has happened to me once before. Some of my files were corrupted and I needed to reinstall Windows. My restore files were bad and my backups so I couldn't go that route either. I have tried and tried to reinstall Windows and everything works fine until it reboots. Then I get the following error: Stop: 0X 00000024 (0X001901FO, 0X86733A30, 0XC0000102, 0X00000000). Then it states to disable any virus and backup programs, etc. I did all of that and have uninstalled hardware, etc. but it still does it! I have tried to do a system recovery from startup but my cd rom won't boot from it even though I changed the bios setup to do it. BUT, this is the crazy part. If I were to format the hard drive and use the HP system recovery cd's with Windows XP Home and then install Windows XP Pro. everything works beaufifully. Why???? What is going on here? I don't want to have to format my hard drive and start over everytime Windows needs restoring! Any ideas? Thanks for your time. Jones
HP comps are crazy particular about what OS you can and cannot install straight off. The recovery CD that you have with XP home is a disc image of the computer as it was at the factory. My guess is that this CD has some sort of HP proprietary setup to it that configures some stuff for you.. then after you install that you can upgrade just fine..

Thats my only guess.

HP locks their system restore cd with something on the mobo that will allow only the restore cd to work on an OS install,,, I dont know why they do this ,, but i have a family member that I laugh at Hysterically,, (ok,, in my head) cause they have a pavillion and are unable to move away from 98 due to the fact that the machine craps out and runs like a broken cart when doing an alternate OS install!

BUT,, run the restore cd and VOILA! Thing runs without issue,,

SOrry for your luck ,, but you too are in the HP VORTEX!! SELL IT!!!

Problem with the restore is that you are stuck in time,, and need to run ALL updates ALL over again!! PAIN PAIN PAIN!!

Makes a good doorstop or Table leg though!

SOrry for your Luck Mate!

Agreed man... you need to get rid of that thing and get something more generic that will allow you to do what you want when you want. Just build your own comp:)
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