Windows Media Player 9

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Has anyone downloaded and installed the Windows Media player 9...
I understand it cannot be uninstalled and it has got digital rights copyright protection which prevents you from burning your own CDs.

No improvements either.It is good ol' resource hungry always.
I've got it, use it every day, and I love it.. I used to be a hardcore Winamp fan, but WMP does everything just as well IMO. Plus it's pretty handy that you can minimize it and have the little controls sitting in the taskbar.

I haven't run into any problems at all with digital rights management... in fact, i'm pretty sure you can even disable it. As for being resource hungry, in my experience Winamp3 is far worse, and contains a lot more bugs.
Ive been running it for awhile now, and so far no problems. I also run Zonealarm, and have not yet seen it attempt to connect to the internet, so I dont think spyware is an issue.
neb1211 said:
wmp is evil since it is from microsoft and microsoft thinks that it owns the world

That is the most rational and intelligently worded post I have heard in some time now... Thank you for enlightening us in the evils of a monopolistic company...

or, something like that... ;)
Yes winamp 3 is buggy enough but has got a lot of features in it and skinnig is good too.
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