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i cant seem to get very high speeds on my 3200 winchester. i can get up to 2.6 non stable and about 2.4 stable. i have OCZ plats rev 2's v1.1, DFI lanparty mobo, Thermaltake Venus 12 heatsink, and a modstream 520W. when i get to 2.6 it says something about a rounding error expected less than 0.4 when i run Prime95.

i have been running the mem at about 2.8-2.9V at a 1:1 ratio and my temps are fine.(mid 30's idle when OC'd).

what do you think is holding me back? i think it may have something to do with my RAM. it is the TCC5 version i am pretty sure because on the left side (i think) it said v1.1 should i give it more voltage or try setting the ratio different. i dont think its the timings because ive been having them at either 2.5-3-3-7 or 3-4-4-8.



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Run memtest86+ to test just your RAM. That'll tell you if the problem lies in your RAM or not.

Also, change the RAM to FSB ratio or the CPU multiplier to set it at stock speed, just to eliminate possibilities. It could very well be that your FSB can't take the high speed.

Try different things. RAM at stock with processor running fast and test it and vice versa. Might want to try to set both at stock using seperators and multipliers too, just to see if your FSB can take it.

Are you lowering your HT multiplier as you increase the FSB?
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