What do you think of this CD-RW/DVD Drive Compared to Normal CD-RW's

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I am in the market for a CD-RW and maybe Combo drive. BUt I am having a hard time deciding which drive. The Samsung Combo SM-384B caughty my eye.


I know little to nothing about what makes a CD Burner fast, but this is the first drive I've come across that has an 8 mb Buffer. My current CD-RW is 4x/2x/32, so i really need an upgrade since I use my burner everyday and I occasionally watch movies too.

Any suggestions on drives, opinions on drives, and comments are appreciated.

PS: Don't forget links to manufactures/sellers site!

Thanks again!!!
get a 40x Lite-On Burner.

check newegg.com
I generally find that combo drives are overpriced, and outperformed by there seperate counterparts.

you can pick up the lite on for about $50 max, and same for a nice lite on DVD rom drive.

And then, if your system is up to par..... you might be able to watch a dvd while you burn.... MUWHAHAHAHAHA

That would've been impossible like, 5 years ago.

...unless you worked for Intel or the Government!!

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