Water Cooling for OCing

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Hello am looking for water cool setup for my core i5 1156 socket, am planning to overclock my core i5 soon if I can get a decent water cool within a budget price of £100-140.

reason why I want water cooling easy to make at least a bit of noise of my rig yet reduce dust which clog to the heatsink.

am using HAF 932 with the stock airflow.

Thank you.
TBH, just get a nice heatsink. Like the megahalems (if if you don't have tall RAM), TRUE copper, core contact is cheap and great, or scythe mugen 2. Lots of choices for air, and they're cheap compared to liquid. With liquid you're spending $200-300+ (USD sorry don't know euros well) for maybe a 10c improvement over a good $70 heastsink. Plus you have the risk of springing a leak and messing everything up.
I see well do you recommend any good air cooling? well if you still have any recommended liquid cooling for such a budget price $200 is almost at the same price of £170ish so yeah...
Well don't really know many UK sites, but seen people post stuff from scan so.

Scythe mugen 2, come with fan and everything, good price, works really well from what I've read.
Scan.co.uk: MUGEN2 - Scythe Mugen 2 Quiet CPU Cooler for 478, LGA775, LGA1366; AMD Socket 754, 939, AM2, AM2+ and 940

True Copper, best heatsink you can buy pretty much. Though you have lap it, which slaymate has a couple nice vids saved. Basically the base isn't completely flat so it doesn't make perfect contact. Lapping is pretty much sanding down the base with varying grits of sand paper till its perfectly smooth and level. You can buy kits for lapping, or just head to a hardware store and pick out the papers, I don't know the best grit numbers off the top of my head though.


Then you'll also need a fan, you can go with a scythe gentle typhoon without a fan controller; Scan.co.uk: GT-120-1450 - 120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1450 rpm Cooling Fan , or found this silverstone one that comes with a fan controller for a bit less Scan.co.uk: SST-FM121 - 120mm SilverStone FM121 (White) Dual ball bearing Case Fan + 2400rpm Pro Use - Hi End
thats not even compatible with 1156 thats for 1366 O_O. any other suggestions please.

Prolimatech Megahalems
Scan.co.uk: Megahalems 1156 - Prolimatech Megahalems Rev B,Super 6 Heatpipe Tower Cooler for *NEW* Socket 775/1156/1366 (Fanless)
That one is really good, but you will still need to get a fan for it.

Titan Fenrir (Really good but may get in the way of ram)

Noctua NH-U9B SE2 ( One of the Best )

Those 3 are a few of the best ones I've ran into. The only issue you may run into is they may block one of your memory stick spots
if your not going to be doing any crazy OCing... the Sunbeam Core Contact CPU cooler should do you just fine. I'm not sure what site to get it from, but there is the Hardware Shopping Megathread here at Tech Forums that lists reputable sites from around the world. If any of the ones from where your at have the core contact, I might go with that. You would also need to buy the LGA 1156 mounting Bracket, but all together it would cost about half as much as the other coolers and, as i said, if your not going to do any major overclocking it will be enough.

the links i gave you are USA sites, but i put them there just so that you know what your looking for.

If your looking for a very good cpu cooler, the Thermalright Ultra(TRUE) 120 (aluminum or copper), and the megahalems are both very good... but as stated above, the TRUE heatsinks will need lapping.
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