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Is there anybody who could answer
IÂ’m trying to solve the problem of voice & video communication through the Windows Messenger with my friends. They have also Microsoft passports and all.

The problem: I can hear and see them very well, but they can neither hear nor see me. Yet, no problem in exchanging instant messages at both ends.

I had:

- reinstalled the audio and video codecs; tested the audio and video (microphone and speakers); it seems that everything works well

I have a cable connection thru Terayon TeraProTM Cable Modem, model number TCM200. There is also installed into my computer the adapter NetFlex-3/P Controller (TLAN 2.3). My integrated main board already contains one adapter SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter. The latter is disabled

What could be the reason for my voice and video not being able to get out of my computer? The Panda antivirus I installed does not create a firewall, just as my provider's server does not do (I hope) anything of the sort. Could it be the problem with the TeraProTM Cable Modem or something to do with MAC addresses and routing? Or everything is much more simple?

I hope the System Info file of my computer (attached) could clarify the problem.

If anybody could help?

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Montior network traffic when you try an av conversation. See how much data is being sent out. Is it comparable to what is coming in? If not, then your computer isn't sending the av data out and you have something configured wrong. If it is sending a lot of data, then it probably is a problem at the other end.

I know this is more a way of diagnosing where the problem is. But I can't help any more because I've never set up a conference over the net.
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