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In my video card settings I always had V sync set to always on, but I needed some FPS boosts in BF2, so I turned it off, and I'm getting that thing where stuff breaks up and I know it's because of that, but my monitor is set to 100 Hertz, so if in Bf2 if it's set to 85 Hertz shouldn't it be alright? I even tried setting my monitor to 85 Hertz to match the refresh rate in game. If they are both the same why am I getting that chopping up of things? I am understanding this wrong? Thanks.

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Yeah you are supposed to wauit 24hours before bumping something if it hasnt been answered.


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the monitor wont make gameplay different, it sounds to me like the graphics card ain't right


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Iv always used V sync off so that i would get better frames... I never see tearing like what your talking about. Maybe its cuz i always have had V sync off ever since i started play cs 1.5 and needed 100 frames. If you want to take the fps hit for a pritty picture then V synce is ur way to go. I have a 6800gt and I wanted all my stuff on high maxed out but when i found it didnt run smooth i changed alot of settings to medium... I guess what Im trying to say is that in games like BF2 ur not gonna max um out or have v sync on and play smooth unless 1 ur settings are down or u have a computer like dark blade with twin 7800gtx's :).

hope i helped cheesejr