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It seems i can no longer connect my psp to my PC!
It does nothing in USB mode, the psp acts like its connected though. I had been connecting it but not ejecting, so the drive letter it was assigned changed every time i connected it, but now i have disconnected after Z:/ and it does nothing when it connects.

All those "removable drive"s were showing up when i browsed my PC from other programs(in this case itunes), but not in "my computer". I just restarted and now those drives are gone but the psp still wont connect.

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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the PSP? Maybe a driver installed in the OS that resolves drive letters is corrupt. Do you still have the connectivity media that came with the PSP? If you do:

1) Uninstall the PSP driver from Control Panel.
2) Reboot.
3) Reinstall the driver by connecting the PSP to the computer, allowing it to give plug n play messages. Reinstall the driver from the CD.

Let me know if that takes care of your problems.