Two instances of windows xp on one comp

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I have two separate installations of windows xp installed on two different hard drives. Is there a way to run both installations of xp at the same time? I tried using pear pc and Microsoft virtural pc, but neither of them worked for me.

Yea you can run two XP at the same time, but one will be a virutal machine. You can use Virtual PC or VMWare, but the installation is different from just installing it on another partition. These software use a clone and some files from the actual cd and store it on the host computer.
I already tried installing all the previous versions of windows, Windows 95, windows 98, windows 2000, windows NT, and also windows 3.11 using Virtual PC. really cool! i can run two XP at the same time and even all of them. :)
i already have xp installed on both comps, dont i have to do a new install to use a virtural machine?
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