Tips for Cleaning PC?

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Dose anyone have any tips about clearing dust out of CPU fans and preventiig dust in general. Beacuse I keep my pc tightly closed and when I open it, its filled with dust...

Also I would like to know whats safe to clean and what I should leave alone
Go to your local K-mart or Wal-mart and buy cans of conpresses air.. that'll blast that dust right out of everywhere.. Also.. To prevent dust from getting inside.. Use Alluminum Mesh filters.. Put them in front of your fans.. I'll sell you some if you want.

Just rember... Unplug the machine before opening it.. Everthing should be safe to clean.. Buyt i would use a can of air for the most safety
Yes, as sepherum said, compressed air is a very good solution. Usually try not to leave your case open as often is one easy way to prevent buildup. ;)

As always, be sure not to get anything wet, though I had to unscrew my case fans and clean it with some damp cloths. =O
There are a few other solutions, depending on how creative you feel.

The first is to buy air filters that are made to fit your fan grills. These work quite well and, once clogged with dust, are easy to clean. You just dunk them in water and let them dry.

The second thing is to try to be aware of your airflow in the case. If you have unbalanced pressure (too much intake with too little outtake or vice versa) this can lead to severe dust build up.
I actually just did that today. I don't have compressed air cans, but what I used was an air compresser (can be found at most auto shops) and just stuck a small nozzle on it and blew all the dust out. Also, one tip I will add is that if you run a fan on your video card (most geforce4's have em, along with newer radeon's) pull your video card out and blow the junk off that thing. Dust in a fan can sometimes gum up the bearings, causing a slower fan and less cool air on your GPU.
panwei80 said:
you can blow the dust with your mouth

Actually, thats not reccomended. A little bit of moisture can screw up the internals of a computer, and your breath is very moist. Really, the all around best way to go about it is to use compressed air....
I just use a pump, the kind that blows up air beds, it works well, and i have a vac on to suck up the dust so it doest end back up in there when i turn the comp back on.

Also if your going to take off the cover to clean dont touch anything unless you ground yourself first like put your hand on the metel of the side panel.Static electricity can fry you parts.Just a tip.Also a cotten swab to wipe off some of the buildup that wont blow off easy.Later Pat S
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