The RetroTeKno project


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Well, I decided to drop the XPC project. Too much hassle for nothing. I will then, buy ATX desktops, not tower. it goes:

For the Retro part, I plan to buy two beige ATX desktop cases...or black...anyways, it HAS to be a used case.

Now, next, I decided for the TeKno I build two PCs, they HAVE TO be IDENTICAL to each other. Same everything. I'll try to have the same LCD screen as well. (This is for the ProjeKt 164, the dual workstations desk)

So, I need to be tighet on budget. I can't spend like crazy. But, I'll be open to $1600.

So, here's my selections:
Note that I don't do high end gaming​

Mobo x2

CPU x2

RAM x2

GPU x2

PSU x2

HDD x2

DVD Burner x2

The total of ALL combined objects, CONVERTED to CAN and WITH taxes is set to: $1345.63

Now, the selections are set to that main origin: Single core, 64-bit. BUT, I want your opinions. The main thing I'm concerned of is the RAM, but for DDR2 800, I think it's rather a good deal. The selections will appear different than bought to the local shops for the memory, maybe the PSU and DVD burner.

Sooo...what you think? Opinions please.


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Those are two brand new PCs, that are going to be needed for the Dual workstations. When I recieve some visit, I'll have a computer ready for them AND, for schooling, it will be vital to have two or more hooked onto a network, so I can practice my knowledge.

But, I want those to be Vista blasting, but will never see Vista. I want the opinions shouted on the parts.


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Corsair XMS looks fine, but I like this one and it's about the same price:

Kingston HyperX 1GB (2 x 512MB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail

because it can be overclocked to lower timings at 2V (tested and approved). The Corsair can probably do the same too, but they don't verify it. They're both good memory to use though. I try to look around your price tag, but I like to shop for something a little higher priced. But if I were to buy something for around $140ish, the Hyper X looks good.


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I trust Kingston, as they're really good, but one other thing: I don't plan to OC. But, I like the Kingston. 8 bucks more isn't hurting.


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Well everything looks nice and powerful to me, those should be some nice computers when they are built.


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Yeah looks good should be nice. The only thing I'd suggest is a better PSU, one with a dual 12v rail and might be a little more stable. Its not mandatory, but it looks like you have a little spending room.


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Yeah, well, when I say 1600, I don't mean to hit it. I'd like to spend a bit on another 2.1 speaker system as well as another LCD screen. Although, I'll put it into theopinions and see where I can go. If budget is being tight, I'll spend some stuff on used parts.