Personal Portfolio Webpage As 1st HTML Sourcecode Project (Friendly Discussion)


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Arkansas City, KS
So, with the vast amount of resources that are out there via the internet of things and the world wide web, I have created my very first, and basic HTML web page. I've been on a mission for a few months to collect everything I need to begin web development, and also to simply get into the I.T. field without a whole bunch of customer interaction. I have come up with my very first project idea. Which is the creation of a web page that hosts a personal portfolio of all the knowledge I have learned and continue to learn in the field of web development (regarding HTML and CSS ). I am very skilled in starting a trade, and then jumping ship when I lose sight of what I am aiming at. To counter this I have decided to come up with a project goal that will assist me in not only the practice of HTML and CSS, but acquiring potential leads in the 'web development' job industry. This is simply a journal for which I write as a means to remember and discuss the progress being made on this project. My real ambition for deciding to forego this pathway of learning was the major censorship of the social media companies on the individuals who simply wish to share their ideas, experiences and opinions, freely and without fear of repercussion. I hope everybody feels welcome to join in and discuss their own aspirations, goals and ideas regarding web development and design. My hope is that while learning this trade that I will be able to program machines and circuits while learning more in-depth how hardware and software connect.

Thanks for stopping in, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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