Tablets that accept sd memory cards


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Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes a tablet that has a built in sd memory card port? I'm looking for something like a laptop (only smaller) that I can review pictures from trail cameras. I need the ability to just plug the memory card in and access the photos. I have "card readers" that plug into my phone, but they all suck.
I've looked online but the descriptions never mention an SD card port.
Thanks for the help.
Mark thanks for responding. Are these micro SD card ports or regular full size SD card ports? I looked at the Samsung and Amazon online and they only mentioned micro.
These all take micro sd cards and I think your trail cameras take a full sized sd card. Tablets including stupidly expensive Apple stuff, generally, are not suitable for plugging anything into other than a charger much like a cell phone. Most will do bluetooth reasonably well but that will not work for you. I would think your best option would be to buy a computer with a USB 3 port and a full sized sd card adapter. You can get small computers but those, in my experience, tend to be rubbish. Far better to go with a full sized laptop, 10 to 14 inch screen, or something like the Microsoft Surface Pro.
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