Sweet Video-Editing Rig for $800?

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Okay people, to start it off, I got 800 USD to work with. I need a powerful computer that will handle both every-day things, multitasking when needed, and ability to both render HD video, and multi-task while doing so....

I have been here before to build a rig that didn't work out, I trust everybody here to know what they are talking about and help me get this done! Im wanting to play with the new intel i* processors but I dont know which one I would need....I also want room for upgrades when I can...And I am wanting to dual boot between XP and 7. Hopefully you guys can help me out!
You do not want to dual boot xp and 7, 7 is vastly superior to xp.

With an $800 you won't have enough for an i7, maybe an i5 might be possible. I'm too tired to throw up a list, but if no one's made on by the morning I'll make one up then.
I have a copy of Windows 7 already....does it have to be specifically the one for system builders?
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