Should I and How do i make a recovery disk for new computer.


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I bought a new cheap tower with windows 8 at Bestbuy the other day. I hooked it up and fired it up and started doin stuff on it. I realized later that it never asked if i wanted to make a recovery disk. What do i need to do to assure if it crashes i can boot it back up and load windows again?



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If it's a premade system, it should have an option to make recovery discs.

Try searching for "recovery" or "creator" on the program search screen, and see if an application to create recovery media is available or not.


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There may be a recovery partition on the hard disk itself or search for its 'support page' in the manufacturer's site if it's a premade system. You may find instructions there for creating the recovery disc.

I think if it were me,
1) I would make a fresh install from the recovery partition/recovery disc.
2) Update Windows+stable drivers (from the manufacturer's site).
3) Make customizations (remove bloatware, disable a few services, install Printer software,MS Office 2013;Winrar;IDM etc. , apply my favorite settings etc.).
4) Defragment the HDD (not do this for a SSD)
5) Make a .tib image of the C: drive by booting into Acronis True Image via a USB stick

Now, i have to do this (step 1-4) only once & whenever i decide for a fresh install for any reason (malware, sluggish Windows etc...) i am up & running in less than 10 minutes !!!. Then i update Windows+drivers once again & replace the older .tib image once again via the last step #5. This method saves a LOT of time (time taken by Windows install+updates+drivers+software is all saved; incremental windows updates are not so large since i already have a large chunk installed by following this method).

BTW, I save all my data beforehand & i have Knoppix CD ready for the same, in case Windows is unable to boot.