Removing Cookies/Cahe on TF


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I have searched on TF, but couldn't see anything relevant to this.

I know VB 3.0 and down, have modded it to it's roots years ago. I can not find on TF where you can mark all forums as read. I know that has to do with Cookies or Cache. One of the two at least.

I do post a lot, and I sometimes like to know when a new post is made, not just a previous thread that I haven't looked at.

I think you haven't turned this feature on, if I remember VB correctly.

Edit: Sorry. I found it, up on Quick Links, but can you possibly put it on the bottom where the Archive and other links are?
No we are not moving it to the bottom. Very few people scroll down there. It would defeat the purpose.
I understand and sorry if that came off as a bit harsh. But we have a hard enough time getting people down this far onto the forums. Having that option at the bottom, like it was with the default skin and was before it was put where it is no, was a problem for many people as they hated scrolling to the bottom to mark the forums read.

The thing i found to do, just double click the TF logo on the index. If you are done with that area or just dont go in there, it will mark all threads are read.
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