Radeon 9600 256mb


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Im looking to upgrading my current graphics card (Radeon 8500 128MB) to an ATI 9600 256mb...searching around i found 2 graphic card manufactures of this card and dont know which one is better..i tried to look but i couldnt find anything on the subject. anyways one is a Connect3d and the other is Visiontek...The Connect 3d card is 159.99 with a 30 dollar rebate so 129.99. The Visiontek is 139.99 no rebate...The only difference i could find was that Visiontek has a Lifetime warrentee on parts and labor whereas the Connect 3d has 24 month parts and labor warentee. I was just wondering if there was any difference in the overall companies and the cards in general, thanks,
Every ATI graphics card i've had has crashed every now and again (except the old ones) But your radeon 9800 is better than the 9600 though the 9800 is 128mb.
Good Luck