problem on boot up.... and random blue screen of death !

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whats goin on guys ? I have an issue, where when I turn my computer on, it takes at LEAST 2 or 3 times before I hear the "beep" that means my computer is starting up.

It also will randomly lock up with the blue screen of death, something like uknown page fault or whatever...

do you guys think this would be an under-sized power supply problem?

I am running a 370w Antec power supply that came with the case. as far as a rig, its in my sig, single 8800GTS video card... nothing crazy.

any ideas ?

I just re-flashed my bios, no help.
The 8800GTS 512 requires a minimum of 400W with a rating of 26A on the +12v rails. I think that 370W you have is just the bare minimum, but only if it has 26A on the +12v rails.

Is your CPU overclocked? If it is, then the BSODs could be due to instability.
not overclocked or anything... But its wierd that it doesn;t "beep" and startup right away. It takes quite a few tries sometimes...

This leaves me to believe that its either a power issue.... or possible motherboard issue right ??

I will start looking for a bigger power supply.

What type of power do the newer graphics cards require? (in case I upgrade someday)
What is the specific BSOD error? It also will create a crash dump that you can read which will lead you to the specific service / app that caused the error.
When the computer gives you a BSOD it will give you stop error. More details found here in this post.
and detailed ones here

The jist of it being that windows doesn't just randomly give you an error. There will be a specific stop code that will narrow down the error. Sometimes it will also give what is called a crash dump file. If you read that dump file with a program that microsoft offers for free it will give you the service causing the error. Google that services and you've got your answer.
Im still having the same problems with my computer. I can't quite figure out how to pull up the Log of crash issues. Any one done this before?
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