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I am going to tell you about the Hosting company Private-Hosters

They are the BEST, CHEAPEST, FASTEST quality hosting you will EVER receive.

Don't believe me? Check out the site!

For $30 you get:

Dedicated RAM (MB) 1024 MB
Dedicated RAM (GB) 1 GB
Optional RAM (RPM) 400 MB
Disk Space (SATA) 10 GB
Bandwidth (Month) 300 GB
Connection Speeds 100 Mbps
Dedicated IP (/RDC) 1
DDOS Protection: YES
99.9% Uptime: YES
Plesk CP (Demo) YES
Forwarded Ports: YES
MySql Server Support: YES
Full Support (24/7): YES
Free Setup: YES

Pricing for this VPS
Three Months: $79.00
Per Month: $30.00

Why am I sharing this?

Because the quality is so great I have to share!
I owned 2 MapleStory private servers CombatMaple v55 - v62
and they were running on Private-Hosters.

YES! Private-Hosters do resellers. In fact if you resell over 2 of there VPS they give you a Private-Hosters Agent free! (For reselling please contact there live support)

Now if anyone can really tell me Private-Hosting is bad then something is wrong..... These people go to the ends of the earth making sure you get the BEST quality and perfect VPS.

Also: if you have ANY questions don't hesitate to email me at

Thank You! :]

Good Luck guys and I hope you make the right decision!


These are the best for servers as they are cheap, reliable, fast!


bye :]