Price? Inspiron 8000 good cond.


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I got an old Dell at Scott Fetzer the other day, but I havn't quite found a use for it. So I'm thinking about selling it if it brings enough.

The specs are:

Intel Pentium ///-m 800mhz (256k l2,100mhz FSB)
512Mb(2x256,1gb Maximum) SDR-100mhz
Nvidea Geforce2Go 16mb
14.1" LCD(1600x1200)
20Gb IBM Travelstar (4200rpm,IDE)
Windows XP Pro SP3(Will load Ubuntu if wanted)

It has a floppy in the front which can be pulled for an aditional battery. The battery in it is good and holds a charge for about 2 1/2 hours, I havn't really tested it that long, but it was at 60% after an hour.

It has not been used since it was taken out of service in 2003, according to the log I found with it. It has the happy stick and the toutch pad, none of the keys are shiny, the lcd does not reflect very well, so it has good visibility.

I found one on ebay for $110 but it had the 15" 1400x1050 screen, this has the ultra high res 14.1 1600x1200 screen, so I am assuming somewhere around $120.

I came here to find out if it would sell at $120. It is a Dell Inspiron 8000.


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if you would hold it till the 3rd of next moth, Id buy it for $120, assuming it has a DVD drive. $100 if it doesnt.
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