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Well, it seems this was one of the lost topics! Ill just sum it up. I have been a big pokemon fan for quite some time. Just the Gameboy games really, and YES I am 21.

I am just trying to see how many adult or sub-adult pokemon players there are around, and I have made a forum for us to hang out in. If all goes well and people post alot we may move on to a hosted site with good forums like this one! I know you pokemanicas are out there!!!

Heres the link to my forum!


Come hang out!
My friends at school one day came up with an idea to bring their Pokémon cards and GB games, since it was a nice break from all the standardized testing. They ended up taking it seriously, as copies of the VisualBoy Advance emulator + Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire ROM's spread like crazy.

My brother happens to be addicted to Pokémon Gold at the moment; playing it all day. (He's 10, BTW)
I had a friend that was actually HIRED to teach some lady's son how to play the Pokemon card game so he wouldn't be left out in school... he charged her $21.00 an hour... THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

It made me sick.
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