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Please if you need help with something don't make us guess what you are talking about. Be explicit and tell us what part you are having a problem with then tell us what the problem is.

Don't just say having problem with my mouse do say... I am having a problem with my Logitec or Microsoft wireless mouse or I am having trouble with my regular optical mouse or any other more detailed item.

By doing this will save you and those that are responding to your post, a lot of time trying to wait for you to answer what is needed.

Please post the following information in this checklist:

Operating system and version such as XP Home sp1
Motherboard make and model.
CPU chip and details such as over clocked.
Memory type and how much. Single channel or dual.
Video card make and model, and whether it's an AGP, PCI, or onboard video chips.
Sound card make and model, and whether it's a soundcard or AC97 onboard sound.
Any other pci cards make and model.
Hard drives make and model.
Optical drives make and model
Power supply make and model.

To find this information go here and get Everest.
Everest 2.20 is available from here:

Please don't forget to post back on the thread and tell us whether the solution helped you or not, or if you found another solution. Be sure to post it so that someone who might be having the same problem can see what you did to solve it and try that. Too often we see where people get a solution and then never post back whether it worked or what else they did to solve it. It's like they get help and then forget all about posting back.


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Replying to a post requesting support for a computer related problem

Before you respond to a request for computer related support, please consider the following;

1. Read through the problem carefully, taking note of what the person is asking, the specifications of the person's computer.

2. Read through the other responses to the question, if a person has already responded and answered the question then there is no need to answer it again.

3. If you have some further information to add then reference to the post that you are adding the information to, so the originator of the thread can clearly see where the information is referring to.

4. If a person is requesting information regarding the replacement of components then ensure that you are providing relevant products in accordance with the person's budget.

5. Ensure that the components are compatible with existing systems such as chipsets to motherboards etc.

6. Be polite and not derogatory, remember we all had to start somewhere and that we were all new to computers once upon a time, and no one person knows it all.

7. Above all remember that the forum is a community and that we all learn from each other, it's not about post count, but about the quality of the information that we provide. The more that we show that we provide high quality support and advice the more likely we are to continue to attract new members and only enhance the community of ComputerForums.

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Please note this:

It is common knowledge that this forum is considered a "professional" forum, where those that are first getting into computer hardware and software generally begin, and members explaining know what they are talking about. And this is with utmost seriousness that people don't give false advice. That being said, knowledgable members do what they can to provide an environment in which an intelligent question can be answered with an intelligent answer.

1) There is NO best.
-So please dont ask. It is all a mere matter of opinion. Sure, some will work better for other people then yourself. There is a right one for you, although, there is no 'absolute best'. We will try our hardest to find the best suited for you.

2) Product one vs. Product two.
-Once again, one is suited for certain things better then the other. So please don't go and flame one product because it doesn't suit your needs, even though it may very well suit the thread starters need.


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Hardware Profile Example - When in need of help!

Hardware Profile Example - when in need of HELP !

When asking for help on a hardware problem - MORE information is better than not enough! Please feel free to COPY and PASTE this into your post so that the good folks who frequent this forum can help you better (and usually faster!):

Motherboard Manufacturer and Model:
BIOS Revision Number (if known):
RAM Manufacturer/Type/Module Size:
CDRW/CDROM/DVD Manufacturer and Spec:
Disk Drive(s): Manufacturer and Spec:
Video Card: Manufacturer and Type:
Sound Card: Manufacturer and Model:
NIC Manufacturer/Model:
Power Supply Brand and Wattage:
Operating System:
Anything else you think is relevant:

So - it might look like this as an example:

Motherboard Manufacturer and Model: ECS K7S5A
BIOS Revision Number (if known): not known
CPU/Speed: Athlon XP1700+
RAM Manufacturer/Type/Module Size: Crucial PC2100 DDR 2 sticks of 256 mb
CDRW/CDROM/DVD Manufacturer and Spec: Sony 56x CDROM
Lite-on 16x10x40 CDRW
Disk Drive(s): Manufacturer and Spec: Western Digital 40gb 7200rpm
Video Card: Manufacturer and Type: ATI Radeon 8500 OEM
Sound Card: Manufacturer and Model: Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer
NIC Manufacturer/Model: On-board
Power Supply Brand/Wattage: Antec 350 Watt
Operating System: Windows 98SE
Anything else you think is relevant: nothing

And dont forget a detailed description of what is happening, and what if any recent changes you've made to you hardware/software configuration prior to your issue


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Do not ask for help cracking software, or illegally obtaining software or anything simillar.

Those who help people obtain illegal software will be delt with in a simillar way to those who ask for illegal software...
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