Please HELP. CPU won't start!


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Hello everyone. I have a P4 2.8, Intel PERLL Mother Board, Corsair 512mb, Antex 400watt Power, etc.

I tried starting my computer the other day and nothing happened. The green indicator light came on, but no fans, drives, or anything else happened. There is a little green light on my mother board that comes on too, but, again nothing. To make the lights turn off, I have to press and hold the on button. Do any of you know what the problem could be or know how I can check it out. I built this computer myself (first one) and it was running fine for about 4 months.

Thank you all.


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OK mate. I would like you to do a easy test. Remove all your RAM from the main board, after you have done that turn your PC back on. It should go crazy with beeps. Next unplug all the drives from the mainboard, e.g hard drive, DVD/cd. Now Turn the PC back on (It should make sounds).

If able try another PSU.
Please write back after you have some more answers. THANKS