Performance Decrease Over Time

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Hello, I have a Radeon X800XL Video card. It has 512 memory.

I have had this card for ~10 months.

When I first got it, I was able to play BF2 on mostly high settings, with my FPS in the reigon of 80 to 100 FPS depending what was going on. Now, playing BF2 with those same settings, I get anywhere from 29 to 40 FPS. Why the decrease? However, I suspect my card might be damaged. I noticed a performance decrease one day, and I was confused, so I consulted system info, etc...The video cards temperature was around 130F. This seemed like it probably wasn't good for the card. I can't help but thinking that the card has been hurt somehow by the heat. I'd like to get a new card if this is the case, but if it's not the case, then how can I improve it's performance?

EDIT: The 130F temperature was while running nothing but Everest.
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