Outlook 2003 Starts Automatically


Beta member
When windows starts Outlook starts automatically.
-WinXP Pro SP3
-Outlook 2003 SP3
But it only happens when the network cable is plugged in.
If I start up with the network cable unplugged Win starts without loading Outlook!
I have no PDAs or anything like that (other posts have suggested that this is the problem)

There is nothing in the run or runonce keys of my registry.
There is nothing in the startup folder.
Also nothing I can identify in msconfig.

The network seems to be enforcing this program startup.

How do I prevent it from occurring on my end.
(My IT department does not respond to requests to stop this.)

Or at least how do I identify the mechanism by which it is starting.
(So I can throw a wrench in it one way or another because it is very annoying)