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I'm always up for a challenge!
I got a free pc a couple of days back, its a 1.4ghz, 128mb, 20gb dell.
Not bad for free huh?
Well basically, I figured, the upgrades i can do to this will make it a really good computer for around £250. It'll play alot of the latest games out too, here's the list of upgrade i'm doing:

Processor - Buying an adaptor to switch it from socket 423 to 478, and then buying a 2.8ghz northwood core pentium 4 (Not ideal but not too bad) its 512k

RAM - It takes 800mhz Rambus memory, and I've got a 2 sticks of 256mb to put in, i've heard it's very fast memory.

Graphics card - Getting a Geforce 6800LE 128mb, Good card from what i've heard

Hdd - I'll eventually switch to a 200gb hdd

I have a feeling i'm going to need a new PSU, no i'm certain actually.
I'll have to contact dell to do this but i'm not too bothered about that.
For £250 I couldn't build a better PC than that IMO, What does everyone think?
The finished specs will be 2.8ghz pentium 4, 512 RAM, 128mb 6800LE



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It's nice, but after u get the new hdd there is only the mobo and the case left from the original pc. So u really ain't saving more than about £100 but that's way better than nothing.

Edit: Oh, and it's going to run almost all current games with the highest graphics settings, not bad for £250.


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Well for a pc, brand new built at those specs you're talking at least £450-£500 in total with everything included. Also my other point is, i'm not going to be doing all this at once, i will be doing it over the course of about 2-3 months.

EDIT: This is only a plan, I may keep the pc as a spare and put the cash towards a new setup, I was just waiting to see what ppl thought.