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hello i just bought a new case from ebay, the Aywun G02 Black Gaming Tower Case with side window. now this is my problem their is only enough room for 1x 120mm fan, how would i go using a evercool air duct to run the cpu,s hot air out the back of the unit. and drilling 2 hole in the perspex to run cool air over the mobo and ram with 2x 140mm fans (run off a fan controller) any idea's
yea unless any one else has another idea. i also though abaut the top of the case. and 1 fan this is only sucking out hot air i dont think will make much diff, i need to get frish air in. the size of the fans is optional as i thought if i went bigger it would be better as they would be connected to a fan controller. all idea's will be considered
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