New computer setup - final version!!

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Hi again all you wonderful people :)

Right, many of you guys will have seen a few of my posts before about building a brand new PC from scratch, and well basically after taking into account all your info supplied, I have come up with this setup:

Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ Socket 939 512KB
Abit AN8 Fatal1ty nForce4 Ultra Motherboard
OCZ 2GB (1GB x 2) DDR PC-3200 Performance Series Dual Channel Kit
[Hard Disk Drive]
Maxtor Diamondmax 300Gb SATA 7200rpm
[Graphics Card]
XFX nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX 256Mb (Overclocked)
Antec True Power 550W
Viewsonic VX924 19" LCD TFT 4ms Response Time
Logitek MX510
Saitek Eclipse
NEC ND-3540 Black Dual Layer DVD+/-RW
[Floppy Disk Drive]
Sony 3.5" FDD
Extreme Gaming Spider Case
[Operating System]
Windows Professional x64

Well that's about it, so please (for the final time) can you guys give me the last check on this setup, and can anyone tell me if they are all compatible.

By the way, the computer will be used for computer games programming, and a lot of gaming (hence the graphics card), and I can get it all together (including P&P) for around £1700 ($2900).

Any info would be extremely helpful!


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oh snap!
I just drooled all over my monitor!


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Very nice... if I didn't have a neighbor who has a similar set-up, I would be drooling too. but, if I were you... I'd would just get xp pro and wait until vista goes mainstream... the 64bit windows has so many drivers... but whatever floats your boat I guess...


Yeah, that's the one thing I noticed, too. Stick with 32-bit Windows for now. A 64-bit operating environment is fairly useless at this point in time, so it'll be easier in the long run to just get a regular version.

the deceived

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Haha, thanks for the [drools]! I'm guessing from all your drooling, this is going to be a good system then :)

Yeah, about Windows 64, I've been advised by quite a few other people to stick to to just Windows XP Professional.

One thing I'm thinkling of getting is a CPU cooler. So does anyone have any suggestions for that?

Thanks very much!