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I was wondering if thare any ways to connect my two computer using dial-up modem? I want it to setup remote control.

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This post assumes your using xp pro


Managing Incoming Connections

By configuring a Windows XP Professional–based computer to accept incoming connections, you permit other computers to dial in to your computer. Plug and Play automatically detects and enumerates devices, such as modems and COM ports.


Callback options, discussed in "Callback" earlier in this chapter, can only be enforced if your computer has been configured to accept incoming connections.

To configure your computer to accept incoming connections

In Control Panel, click Network and Internet Connections.

Click Network Connections.

Under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection to start the New Connections Wizard.

The first time you start the New Connections Wizard, the Location Information dialog box appears, requesting country or region, area code and, if necessary, a carrier code and an outside access number. You also need to indicate whether your phone system uses tone or pulse dialing. After typing this information in the dialog box, click OK.

In New Connection Wizard, click Next.

On the Network Connection Type dialog box, select Set up an advanced connection, and then click Next.

On the Advanced Connection Options page, select Accept incoming connections, and then click Next.

This allows other computers to connect to your Windows XP Professional–based computer by means of the Internet, a phone line, or a direct cable connection.

On the Devices for Incoming Connections page, select the check box next to each device you want to use for incoming connections, and then click Next.

On the Incoming Virtual Private Connection page, select Allow virtual private connections, and then click Next.

This enables a virtual private connection so that another computer can use the Internet or another public network to access your computer. For this to occur, your computer must have a known name or an IP address on the Internet.

On the User Permissions page, select the check box next to each existing user name you want to add, or click Add for each new user you wish to add. Click Next.

This specifies the name of each user you permit to access your computer.

On the Networking Software page, select the check box next to each type of networking software that should be enabled for incoming connections. Click Next, and then click Finish.

This allows your computer to accept connections from other kinds of computers. The components listed by default include TCP/IP, File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks, QoS Packet Scheduler, and Client for Microsoft Networks.


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yes, but do I have to be connected to the internet, or I can just hook my two computer one to each other? Because I can't be online with two computer at the time, caz I have dial-up conection.
Thanks though.
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